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The cash in hand payments pertaining to the building industry were targeted by HMRC, through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). You are required as a contractor to deduct a percentage of the payments you make to your subcontractors, and submit this to HMRC, and also complete regular CIS returns.

We’ll take care of this on your behalf, by doing on the admin. We will ensure you stay compliant as a contractor. We can discuss everything with HMRC, help calculate how much CIS you should be paying, and keep everything running smoothly.

As a subcontractor you have duties too. You’ll have to register for CIS, making sure the right amount of tax is withheld – it’s 20% if you’re registered, 30% if not. We’ll help make sure your books are in order, giving you support to work out the clear picture of how much tax has actually been withheld throughout the year.

We’ll answer any of your questions, help you with your cloud accounting software, answer any questions along the way, and we’re always ready to listen, advise and assist.

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